We’re excited to announce the launch of Tether 2.0! Tether 2.0 is here to make collaboration even more seamless for you and your team.

These major updates will help product teams collaborate easier and iterate faster.

Manage feedback directly on your site.

Tether makes it easy to take action in the moment. Now, your team will be able to collaborate directly on top of your product. Submitting, managing and tracking feedback all without leaving your site.

Save your team’s time. With Tether, you’ll prevent back-and-forth in Slack and email. When you communicate directly on your product, you keep everyone on the same page.

Feedback detail view on top of website


We've made it even easier to report data-rich feedback to your team. Start a screen recording or take a screen capture with the stroke of a few keys using Tether’s new shortcuts. After you capture a video or screenshot, you can assign team members, priorities and more, all without leaving your website.

Pro tip: Using hotkeys lets you screen capture while displaying hover states for components like popovers, tooltips and more.

Shortcuts to take videos and screenshots directly on your site


Tether now supports guest accounts! This makes working with clients, consultants and external parties easier than ever. Guests can report feedback and collaborate. This makes working with external collaborators simpler than ever. Nothing will slip through the cracks and no more miscommunications.

For more info on how guests work, check out our documentation

Getting access

Tether 2.0 is now available to new teams, sign up for a two week free trial here!

Check out FAQs below if anything is unclear!

If you have any question/feedback, reach out to dan@tethered.dev, or join our Slack community.